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Diet Plan

Dietary Analysis & Meal Plans for Plant-based Eaters

Our plant-based dietitian can assist with comprehensive nutritional analysis using sophisticated software and design personalised meal plans tailored to your goals, preferences and specific nutritional requirements. 


I'm Monica, Vegan & Plant-Based Dietitian 

With more than 8 years of clinical experience as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, I am proud to be the founder of Plant Based Family Nutrition. From infancy to adulthood, I am dedicated to helping individuals incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets. My true passion lies in motivating clients to embrace a wholesome and well-rounded approach to nutrition.

As an online vegan dietitian, I extend my services across Australia via Telehealth, making professional guidance easily accessible to individuals nationwide.

Plant Based Dietitian Melbourne

How does our 
nutrition analysis & meal plan service work?

Dietary Analysis & Meal Planning Service


Dietary Analysis

Our dietary analysis service involves a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of an individual's dietary intake to understand eating habits, nutritional intake, and overall diet quality. This process typically involves a analysis of food records, preferences and potential areas for improvement. Our dietitian may use specialised software to undertake a comprehensive review of diet quality, identifying any potential nutrient deficiencies or excesses. This process allows for targeted recommendations to take place and is undertaken to some extent during most initial and review consultations. 

Personalised Meal Plans 


Personalised meal plans are offered after an initial consult has taken place and are an additional one-hour service. Our meal plans consider factors such as dietary preferences, health goals, and any existing health conditions, ensuring a balanced intake of essential nutrients while addressing specific dietary requirements. By offering diverse meal options, recipes, and portion control strategies, our dietitian designed meal plans foster healthier eating habits, making it easier for individuals to achieve weight management goals, improve energy levels, or manage chronic health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. Our meal plans are also perfect for those wanting to ensure that they are meeting all of their nutritional needs whilst on a plant-based or vegan diet. 

A personalised meal plan can help by


Assisting with meal

planning ease 


Ensuring nutrient targets are met


Providing meal & snack inspiration


Enhancing nutritional knowledge & skills


Motivation & accountability

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