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Welcome to Plant Based Family Nutrition, an online nutrition clinic dedicated to providing nutrition advice to families at all stages of the lifecycle. We are passionate about helping you and your family make small, sustainable changes in your diet that can make a big difference to your overall health, and that of the environment. Plant Based Family Nutrition is an inclusive space, and whilst we specialise in plant-focused nutrition, our specialised vegan and plant-based dietitian can provide support and advice wherever you're at on your journey. 



Our founder, Monica Rundle, is a passionate plant-based foodie, keen surfer and devoted mum. She is an accredited practicing dietitian and a certified nutritionist, and is passionate about supporting families to live healthier, more sustainable lives through plant-based nutrition.
Monica founded Plant Based Family Nutrition with the goal of providing an online, comprehensive nutrition consultation service tailored to meet the needs of each individual or family, following or wanting to explore a more plant-focused diet. 

After becoming a mum, she realised there were limited resources and support available for parents wanting to raise their families within this dietary framework. 
Plant Based Family Nutrition was born out of Monica's desire to ensure that everyone has access to the knowledge and confidence necessary to support themselves and their little ones to grow and develop, regardless of whether animal products are included or not. 

Professional Experience

With 8 years of clinical experience, Monica has worked in both private and public sectors in various speciality areas including gastroenterology, neurosurgery, and critical care. In addition, she has provided expert care to individuals with Type 1, 2 and gestational diabetes, as well as specialised bariatric nutrition support.   
Monica has been involved in clinical teaching both within the hospital and university settings and presented data from several clinical projects, particularly in the area of neurosurgery. 
Having worked for a busy gastroenterology practice, Monica has experience providing nutrition support to individuals with complex gastrointestinal disorders including; coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
Wherever you're looking to improve your overall health, make dietary changes or improve a chronic condition, Monica is excited to help you cut through the nutrition noise to provide evidenced-based, tailored care to ensure optimal health! 

Monica's Qualifications

Portrait of a dietician who founded of Plant based family nutrition
Fresh tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and dragon fruit at a local Indonesian market

Why do we focus on PLANTS?

What exactly is a plant-based diet? There is no exact definition, although generally speaking plant-based diets consist predominately of plant foods, such as vegetables, fruits, wholegrain, nuts, seeds and legumes. Whilst exclusive plant-based diets exclude all animal products, others may choose a more flexible approach, including some animal based products in small quantities. 


Plant-based diets have been growing in popularity, with good reason. Evidence supports a range of health benefits, including reduced body weight and lower risks of chronic conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 


Research has also shown that the foundation for healthy eating is established from a young age, therefore encouraging a diet focused on whole, plant foods from early on may optimise health outcomes later in life - what a wonderful gift to your children! 


In 2021, only 8.5% of Australian children aged between 2-17 years met the daily recommended amount of fruits and veggies. Here at Plant Based Family Nutrition, we want to support families to make veggies an enjoyable part of every meal. 


Although the benefits associated with a plant-centric diet are well known, when it comes to supporting the implementation during particularly critical life stages, such as pregnancy and infancy, access to well informed resources is lacking- we’re exited to bridge this gap! 

As well as improving human health, plant-predominant diets have the potential to improve the growing environmental and animal welfare concerns associated with eating animals - what’s not to love about that!

Wherever you are on your journey, we hope to inspire you to eat more plants, for the health of all humans, animals and the planet! 

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